Monday, April 26, 2010

Shawn and Darris' Wedding-the night the lights went out in Memphis

The day started with tornado watches all around the area. We prayed for pretty weather, and as the day went on, we got our desire. Not that it all went off without a hitch, but it was still a wonderful day.
Welcome to the wedding. Come on in....
Darris made these signs from some old boards he found.

The wedding was held in an old rustic style building.
Here is the wreath I made from strips of burlap on the front door.

We brought our green entry table to use as the sign-in book table. I hung some curtain panels by twine in the doorway for a bit more dramatic and dressy look.
The crystal lamp gussies it up a bit, too.

We made this pen by wrapping a peacock feather around a Bic pen, and gluing on some vintage jewelry pieces. It is sitting in a small bottle filled with birdseed.
This basket was recycled from Shannon's wedding and used to hold the programs I made.
It looks magical with all those little lights...Of course we didn't get to enjoy them during the ceremony because the lights went out about 20 minutes before the wedding started. We began to wonder what else could go wrong.
I bought this chalkboard at Hobby Lobby for the seating cards. Now I have another chalkboard to use or let the kids play on. Y'all know how I love chalkboards.
I made the letter "W" on the mantel. Joey cut it out for me from 3 layers of foam core board, and I hot glued the moss onto it. I am proud of how it turned out. I was hoping to put it on our mantel at home since our initial is "W" too, but Shawn already has a place in mind for it at their new apartment .

The altar area: ferns, lots of candles, and the letter, "W".
candles on the fireplace...
This buffet displays photos of Shawn and Darris' sisters' and parents' weddings. Shawn laughed at our picture. We were just babies, you know. I told her she and Darris will look like this in 30 years, too. Ha. In the center, is a special bride doll made for Shawn by her late grandmother, Meemaw. She even made her hair blonde, and placed a penny in her shoe from her birth year.
Here you see one of the trees Shawn decorated with hydrangeas and crystals.
You may remember, we covered cans in burlap and pieces of vintage jewelry to use as vases.
I planted some herbs for a couple table decorations. They smell good, and look nice, too.

Somehow, this table number was blown over. It was too close to a candle, and caught on fire, and burned the tablecloth, too. Didn't cause too much damage...just another little problem.
Her dress hanging in the bride room. So simply elegant.
The flowere were so pretty.
Getting dressed. Shawn found her beautiful hairpiece from ETSY.

Spiking the hair...we did have another little mishap-when Shannon zipped up Jackson's pants, the zipper broke. I safety pinned him into the pants, problem solved.
My two beautiful girls.

one last moment between mother and daughter...
Do you like the peacock feather boutonnieres?

How is it that a beautiful bride in front of an old delapidated building can make such a pretty picture?

the bridesmaids...

Look who's jumping the highest...the groom...

Shawn and her nephews...
Shawn is crazy about her ringbearer.

The weather turned out so pretty for outdoor pictures, after all.

Mom and daughter...

Daddy and his "precious".
The music was beautiful and very meaningful. The mothers entered to the hymn, Be Thou my Vision. Shawn entered to the song , Washed in the Water of the Word, a newer song by Shane and Shane.

Joey walking his little girl down the aisle...(in the dark-as they say, the show must go on)
Despite all the little problems, she kept her smile and her composure.

Newly married , with the preacher
The happy couple...

Beautiful wedding party.

Having fun...
Do you notice Shawn is wearing her cowboy boots?
We served an assortment of cupcakes from Muddys Bakeshop. They are so delicious. Darris made the stands from old tree stumps. I love them.

We enjoyed RC Colas and Moon Pies, too.

After the wedding, we were entertained by a bluegrass band. The kids danced and had fun.

I think it is past Hudson's bedtime.

I sewed some birdseed bags and tied them with twine and ribbons. You may notice the gnome under the washstand, here. It is an inside joke started a few years ago in the Whitworth family. Every Christmas someone else gets him. Shawn and Darris have him this year, so he got to come to the wedding.

What a birdseed shower. Shawn will never get it all out of her hair.

The Moon Pie fovors were decorated by Shannon and Shawn. They piped icing "W"'s on them and tied them in little treat bags with torn fabric strips and twine.

It was such a beautiful wedding. They are on their way to Arizona as I type this. I hope they have a great trip and a wonderful life together as husband and wife.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter Fun

How did you survive the holiday? We had a BUSY but very fun day. I had lunch at our house for all the family. We had ham, carrot souffle, deviled eggs, lima beans, rolls, and homemade pound cake with strawberries and real whipped cream. Yum. Shannon and her family, Shawn, and her fiancee, and my parents were there. After lunch , we sat out on the screened porch, since we had the most beautiful weather ever! We had an egg hunt, watched Jackson play in the sprinkler, and even flew kites, and blew bubbles. Then we drug all the food out and ate it again for supper. Boy was I tired, but it was a good tired. Shawn and Darris were the first to arrive. By the way they will be married in 19 days. Shannon and her family came soon after. We had to take lots of pictures before they could change clothes.
All my kids.My grandsons, Jackson and Hudson.
Then we ate our lunch. I just love those Honeybaked hams.
I found the girls' baskets from their childhood and as a joke the boys got tiny baskets.
And they're off for the egg hunt. I made the adults hold hands to give Jackson an advantage, but that didn't last long, because he didn't need a handicap.
He took the egg hunting very seriously...and found a lot of eggs.He wore his fireman boots since the ground was a little damp.
Shannon is such a character.
My sweet girls. Everyone was making sure all the eggs got found.
Mother and Daddy held Hudson on the porch so he wouldn't get trampled. We put money and candy in the eggs, so everyone sat down to check out their loot. I guess we have started a new tradition.

Jackson wanted to play in the sprinkler, so of course, Joey drug out the hose. Don't worry...we had hot and cold spigots installed when we built the house, so he had warm water to play in. That warm water comes in handy for car washing and washing the dogs.

Shannon blew some good bubbles.

Shawn had a huge bubble wand.

All the "kids" flew kites.
It was a great day.