Sunday, January 31, 2010

Baby It's Cold Outside

Baby it's cold outside. Yessirree , its 20 degrees. Not as cold , I think, as they first said it would be.. but that's cold enough for me.
The birds love it. I told you yesterday we threw out some seed. I put out this little seed holder from Hobby Lobby, for them...

And today, it is a feeding frenzy out there.

Jake likes the cold, too, but it is kinda hard for him to walk on the ice.
I was hoping we could grill some steaks today. Maybe inside on the stove?
Oh, wait...what is that I see in the top right of this photo? Could it be? Why yes I believe it is...
Sunshine on my shoulder makes me happy. I am ready now for it to melt away.
I have started putting up a few Valentine's decorations. My husband said he thinks the snowmen should go, but I left them up just a few more days, since I was pretty sure we would be getting snow. I will show you more next time.


Saturday, January 30, 2010

Power Failure

We have a little ice storm here. We woke up about 2:00A.M. to a power outage. I was worried about Mother and Daddy getting too cold, so I got out quilts and covered everyone up. We were warm enough until we got up about 6:30. Joey hooked up the generator, so we could have heat and water. Even the cable was out, and no newspaper was delivered today.

Lucy stayed warm in front of the fireplace. I lit candles...
I prepared buckets and pitchers of water last night , in anticipation of losing power. When we moved to the country, I had no idea that you couldn't flush toilets, if you have well water, and the power goes out . Who knew? I didn't want to be caught in that predicament again.

This is my attempt at a snowman in a bowl. Too cold for me to play outside.

It's been less than freezing all day, and it is going to be in the teens tonight.

Shawn's car is covered in snow and ice. She went to help her fiancee move into his apartment. What a day to move.

It is pretty, though, don't you think? A winter wonderland.

our front yard...

Back yard...

Little man's swingset, also covered in snow.

My rosemary , covered in ice.

This is what I'm so thankful for today...the generator.

Well, power and cable just came on, after being out for 12 hours. I was beginning to have blog withdrawls. Just kidding. We threw some food out for the birds, and got out the binoculars to watch them eat. They seemed very glad to get some seeds. That was the highlight of the day. We got out a game, Aggravation, and played a round. To say we were bored is an understatement. Yes, we are spoiled to TV, internet, water, and heat.
I shouldn't have been whining, though, because we are so blessed, and compared
to those poor folks in Haiti, this is NOTHING. Just a very minor inconvenience. Well, everyone stay warm and dry. I'm ready for Spring, now. A little less white and more green would be nice.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow...

It has been so cold here all week long! We have had temperatures in the single digits. I know you folks up North laugh, but we just aren't used to it down here. We have been busy putting all the Christmas decor away, and settling in for winter. I'll share a few pictures of what I have been up to recently. My little bird house and birdies are now atop an antique secretary that belongs to my parents. This little miniature painting is by Southern artist, Elsie Booker. She was written up in Southern Living Magazine, and her work was in their dream homes last year. I don't know how she can paint something so tiny.
The mantel minus some greenery and candles. A snowman is now on the hearth with a bucket of pinecones and snowflakes.

A soup tureen from the Goodwill on the dining room table with some antique Vaseline glass candlesticks. Some steamy soup sounds nice.

We bought this little side table 2 weeks ago at the flea market. A man from Missouri made it from recycled flooring that came from Illinois.

We went out and cut some branches for my "snowflake tree". You will notice an enamel bowl filled with play "snow". I bought it for my grandson, and he has had so much fun playing in his "snow". You just add water, and it forms snow.

On the buffet is cardinal in an apothecary jar, along with those famous Target bird salt and pepper shakers. Do you notice a bird theme going on? I guess I'm just wishing for Spring .

The tall painted vase belonged to my great-grandmother.

This is a picture showing the secretary. too. It was green when my parents brought it here , and I painted it black and distressed it a bit.

Even Lucy loves to snuggle under a blanket.

I found these mitten candy dishes on my last trip to Goodwill. I placed a winter scarf on the coffee table as a table runner.

A winter pillow, a sweater blanket, and some good reading. Makes me want to snuggle right in with my grandbabies.
See all the toys in the corner...yes, the house looks like a day care center. That's ok. They are only young for such a short time, and I want to enjoy them as much as I can.

I moved my bench into the breakfast room, and added a cozier runner to the table.

Wishing everyone a happy winter. Now I think I'll go get myself a cup of hot chocolate and sit by the fire. Stay warm!