Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Rooster Overload


I didn't realize I had so many roosters. When I heard about the rooster party, I was excited to join in and share my roosters and see all the great ones you all have. I know I don't need any more, but my heart just skips a beat when I see one. It's a sickness, I'm telling you.

First, this stained glass rooster sits above my cabinets. He belongs to my parents, who recently came to live with us.

Here is a bookshelf in my kitchen that houses cookbooks. I have a small rooster oil painting and a yellow ceramic rooster sitting on top. They are next to a tall carnival glass vase that belongs to my parents, and a few more vases.

Over the vent hood mantel, is a collection of odd bottles, an old jar, and 2 roosters. The one in the middle is my favorite rooster. I got him on a trip to Mountain Home, Arkansas.He is made of old wood and metal.

My paper towel holder is, of course, a rooster...

A porcelain couple with a hen and rooster sit on my buffet.

Some rooster dessert plates and little ceramic rooster boxes on the plate rack...

Rooster salt and pepper shakers...

A larger plate and a cookie jar on top of the plate rack...

Two rooster prints ...I painted the frames black and distressed them.

A ceramic rooster perched atop a post going into the den...

If you look closely, you will see a couple rooster magnets on my pantry chalkboard door.

A canister that holds coffee beans...

A tiled tray...

Arthur Court salt and pepper shakers by the stove.

A planter in the yard...nothing growing in it right now.

Little Lucy loves this pillow .

A hooked mat I use on a green stool by the back door...

A soup tureen and Southern Living At Home metal candleholder with raffia tied to it. I won the candleholder at a SLAH party.

Rusty metal hook in the laundry room.

Copper wind vane.I recently found him at Old Time Pottery.

Ceramic candle light...

Tassel hung on a red cabinet in the laundry room that houses more cookbooks.

Over my desk area, a rooster peeps out from a cubbyhole.

Cute little lamp at my desk.

Another favorite rooster over the kitchen window. I bought him at a garage sale several years ago. He is handcarved. The lady who sold him to me said she bought it on her honeymoon in Jamaica. I can't believe she was selling it.

More cookbooks...and a little clay rooster...

Buffet and plate rack display...

This pic shows more of the plate rack. My husband made it for me several years ago. I just love it. The buffet came from a local thrift store.

Three rooster plates...

A cast iron rooster doorstop...

Ceramic rooster...again from a thrift store...

This big guy sits on top of my cabinets. He came from Hobby Lobby.

I hope you enjoyed my rooster tour. I am posting early...the party really starts Friday. Click over to to see all the others...

Monday, August 24, 2009

Baby Squirrels

I am joining in to Mosaic Monday from Little Red House. Click to see other great mosaics. This is new to me, but it was fun learning how to make one.Here's the story behind this mosaic:

I do love me a Sunday nap. A couple weeks ago I had just settled into bed, when Joey came in and said, "I hate to bother you, but I didn't know what to do with this." Well, I didn't have my contacts in, so I couldn't see what "this" was. As he brought it closer, I could see it was a cute little baby squirrel. Well, so much for the nap. I grabbed the camera to take some pictures, and then hopped onto the internet to find out what to do with him. His mother was nowhere to be found, and he had apparently fallen about 30 feet from his nest. He didn't seem hurt, just dehydrated. I learned how to make homemade pedialyte and fed him with a syringe, just 1 cc at a time. I was given a name of a lady nearby who takes in orphaned squirrels, and we were getting ready to take him to her, when we searched the yard and found a second one. We hydrated him and put him in a shoebox with his brother, and took them to her. After coming back home, my husband had some yardwork to do, and low and behold, he found a third one. We called the same lady, and she met us to take in #3. . My sorority mascot in college was squirrels (Alpha Gamma Delta). I guess I'll always have a soft spot for the little critters. Have a great week.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Bridal Shower Tablescape

I posted this bridal shower last week, and now Kelly is having a party to show your wedding showers. I am linking to her blog. Check out all the other showers here for great ideas.
This is my first time to join in Tablescape Thursday, hosted by Susan , . I hope this qualifies since I am showing my table. Ha. This past weekend we hosted a bridal shower for my dear friend Betsy's son, Matthew and his fiancee, Leslie. Come on in and enjoy the party.
It was a beautiful day. I added wreaths from my daughter's wedding decorations to the door and tied tulle bows to the porch lights to welcome our guests.

We set up the beverage station on the kitchen island. We served sweet tea, (yes this is the South , and we like our sweet tea ), and cherry limeade punch from Italian beverage jars. The glasses came from Dollar Tree.

Ham rolls are served on a tiered tray from Garden Ridge.

Fruit was skewered into a pineapple for a centerpiece. Of course we had the obligatory cheeseball with crackers.

These are chocolate cheesecake truffles I made by baking a cheesecake with no crust, and then scooping with a small cookie scoop and freezing. Then I dipped them in melted chocolate and white coating.

Homemade chicken salad on croissants from Wal-Mart. Don't you just love the pinwheel croissants? I had never seen them before. Are you getting hungry yet?

The cupcakes were to die for from Muddy's Bake Shop in Memphis.

A few pictures of the happy couple on the end of the table.

Here's the whole spread.

The dress was purchased from Goodwill many years ago and worn by my youngest daughter for playing dressup . She is engaged now,and planning a wedding for next April. I

My mother made a banner that read, "She said yes" to hang on the mantel with a couple more pics of Matt and Leslie.

I made a display on a side table of old family wedding pictures, from my last post.

Here are Leslie and Matt with their mothers.

Leslie, the bride, with hostesses, my mother , seated, I'm second from left , and my daughters. We had an enjoyable day, and they received some very nice gifts.
Happy tablescaping!