Sunday, September 11, 2011

Our Best 30 Years

This August, Joey and I celebrated our 30th anniversary and went to our favorite place in this world...Panama City, Florida. We honeymooned there, and took many vacations there throughout the years. A special perk of going at the end of August is you get the beach to yourself. School is back in session, and the "snowbirds" have not arrived. Rates are discounted and the weather is usually great...even though it is hurricane season. I shouldn't be telling anyone this best kept secret. Look how clear the Gulf was.

see...the beach was deserted

beautiful sugar sand beaches

The view from the balcony is breathtaking.

the view at the pool is nice too
I could easily move here and be a beach bum.

This was as dressed up as we got for dinner each evening.

We found a nice city park that had some nice paved walking trails...

We walked 4 miles there.

We explored a state park with a 1 1/2 mile hike to the beach. Walking in sand will give you a workout, I'm here to tell you.

A nice bridge going to the beaches

We rested in a pavilion overlooking the bay

The property was built as a couple's home, and he died during the building process. The wife built some cabins on the property and rented them to vacationers in the late 50's.

It was a lovely place.

It's a good thing we did all that walking, so we could work off the calories in our meals.

We enjoyed The Captain's Table, which was new to us this year. My meal was scamp imperial, cheese grits, and Greek salad. Can you say "delicious"?

We went to our all time favorite place to eat...Captain Anderson's on the night of our anniversary. I had delicious grilled red snapper.
We strolled along the harbor and looked at the boats.

Toward the end of the week the current and waves were so strong that the flags were double red...meaning all waters closed to the public. It was still beautiful, and we enjoyed the pool.

You notice there is still no one in the backgrounds.

We are kind of selfish that way hogging the pool and beach to ourselves.

The best feeling in the world...toes in the sand. AAAAAHHHHH!!!

By the end of the week, we were a little tanner and much more relaxed.

Sheila + Joey =30 great years.

Wish you were here...wish I was!

Thursday, August 4, 2011

It is so hot, you could fry an egg on the sidewalk...really!

We are having quite a heatwave here in the South. Temps over 100 degrees. I have heard the saying all my life that it is so hot you could fry an egg on the sidewalk. Before the boys went down for their nap we decided to put this to a test.

We sat out a skillet with an egg on the driveway.

When they woke up, we went out to check it. Sure enough...

It cooked...hard cooked, that is.

Thursday, June 30, 2011

I've Lost It 50...

I am so excited. I have oficially lost 50 pounds today (yes, I weigh every day). It is amazing how much your weight can fluctuate in a few days, or at different times of the day, for that matter. But as of this morning I reached 50 pounds.

This is the most recent picture taken last week before our Friday night date . I have continued my exercise regime, and healthy eating. I do feel so much better. I was able to cut my lousy cholesterol from 134 to 60. I was a heart attack or stroke waiting to happen. I have more energy, and respond to stress a little better. The very besty part is that I can go into any store and buy "regular" sized clothes.

Now I just have to continue the exercise and tighten up and add muscle tone. ..easier said than done when you are 50.

But I will press on.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easter Family Fun

We had such an enjoyable Easter Day!

We started the morning sitting out on the screened porch to have our protein shakes. Then we got ready for church service.Mother took our picture as we were out the door.

Then we came home and threw on some tennis shoes and hid about 200 or so eggs in the back yard. We wanted to stay dressed for photos, and the kids were on their way. The kids all arrived...I gave them a bucket of goodies...

We took the obligatory photos. Here are Shannon and Jason with their boys...

don't they look nice all spiffed up? Shawn and Darris looked nice, too. Easter sunday was their one year anniversary. Where has the year gone?

These two were so cute in their new duds. Hudson doesn't usually wear smocked outfits, but if it has tractors on it, then it's OK. I think Hudson fell into the dirt right after I snapped this picture.
We came inside, and tried to take some pictures with Mother and Daddy, but Hudson was not too cooperative by that time.

We were ready to eat. Jackson helped me make our placemats. I forgot to take pictures of the food until it was half eaten, but we had ham, maccaroni and cheese, fruit salad, deviled eggs, roasted asparagus, lima beans, rolls, and strawberry shortcake.

Then everyone was ready to hunt for eggs. It is amazing what you can get them to do when you put some money in a bunch of eggs.

You can see the action here. Joey had pulled the tractor out into the yard for hiding eggs.
They take their egg hunting very seriously.

In fact, Joey had to help Hudson find some eggs,

because the adults were all out for themselves.

Jackson held his own this year.

The boys decided to take a little ride around the yard to hunt for remaining eggs. Once again, I think Hudson fell out right after I snapped this picture. He is a bit clumsy, but he is only 17 months old.

Although he thinks he is big enough to drive by himself...not yet.

They all came into the porch to check out their "loot".

The boys played in the water in Hudson's pool Nanny and Gaga gave him.

The rest of the day was spent visiting and relaxing with the family. I am tired, but so blessed to have all my family so close.
Shawn and Darris took a little nap in the hammock.
Joey was kicked back on the chaise lounge.

I thought Jason was sleeping when I took this one...almost.

Pop, (Joey's Dad ), and Miss Anne came to eat and spend the day with us, too.

The weather was beautiful, the food good, and the company enjoyable.

Thank you God for so many blessings!