Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Everything John Deere

What a fun day we had Saturday! Our local John Deere dealership invited us to John Deere Day. Well, my hubby and the grandsons are all about anything John Deere. They had a balloon man, and Jackson was proud of his sword.

Hudson sure loved "riding" that lawnmower. One day when he is a teenager, I hope he likes riding lawnmowers as much. Me and my boy...notice we were wearing the green...
Love Jackson's hat that the dealership gave him when he and Buddy went down to "just look" at lawnmowers about a year ago. They came home with a riding lawnmower for Joey and a Gator ride on for Jackson that day. Notice those ears folded down. Yes, he wore it like that all day.
I loved that they iced down the drinks in the trailer.
Here is Buddy with Hudson.

( Jackson wouldn't sit still long enough for a photo other than action shots.)
Speaking of action...
A favorite was a trough filled with feed corn. Hudson did taste a few bites, but he loved it.

It rained all day, so the dealership cleaned out their garage, and it was a perfect place for a party! They had a band, hot dogs, hamburgers, and BBQ, giant slides, bouncey house, a balloon man, a ride on train, and all the lawnmowers and tractors on display.
It was a wonderland for those two little boys
and 2 big boys, too (husband and son in law).

I haven't posted in a while, and I have something exciting (for me) I will share with my next post. "Til then,