Sunday, August 2, 2009

Show Us Your Wedding Party

Kelly, over at Kelly's Korner,, is hosting a "Show Us Your Wedding Party" Party. Well it seems that weddings and wedding planning is what's been on my mind lately. I am hosting a wedding shower for a dear friend's son and soon to be daughter in law in a couple weeks. I love to plan and get ideas. And my youngest daughter is newly engaged and planning a wedding on April 24, 2010. That sounds like a long time off, but it will be here before you know it. So, out come the planning books and magazines I have been pouring over to get started. Let's see if we can get ideas from any of these old photos. The first picture is of my great-grandparents, Edward and Sophie Olson. I love old photos, and antique clothing. Wish I could get a better look at some of her jewelry.

Next is a picture from 1909 , in Beresford South Dakota, of my great-grandmother's sisters Josie and Gene, and the cute daughters of their minister , who were their flower girls at a double wedding ceremony. That sure saved their parents a lot of money. Ha.
The pic below is my grandparents, Victor and Ida Mathison Olson. They married in Sioux Falls, South Dakota in 1931. They honeymooned in Motts, North Dakota and even took along a brother, sister, and a cousin. I'm not so sure I would have been as nice. I mean would you take your siblings and cousin on your honeymoon? I'm just saying...

The next photo is the wedding party of my parents, James and Jean Olson Tatum, who married in 1957 at Highland Street Christian Church in Memphis, Tennessee. They were married by my uncle, Jimmy Tinkle. Sadly, her dress which was worn by her sister 3 years earlier was burned in a house fire. It really doesn't look too dated to me. I wish these were in color though, for the bridesmaids dresses were white with pink embroidery and groomsmen's tuxes were light pink. Flowere were pink daisies.

Next is the 4th generation of girls to get married-me. I, Sheila Tatum, married my true love, Joseph Whitworth on August 29, 1981. You may recognize the same sanctuary as my parents, and the same minister, my uncle Jimmy. .

Joey's groomsmen were his brothers Glenn and Rick Whitworth, good friend, Alan Hale, and the ushers were my cousins, Jay and Jon Tinkle.

My bridesmaids wore pink dresses and carried pink carnations and daisies. Do you see a trend here? My girls were my sister in law, Ginger Whitworth, and good friends Lisa Jacobsen (Field), and Cille Johnson (Hale). They are still three of my best friends.

I Photoshopped it to black and white. I think I like this better. It looks less dated in B&W, don't you think?

Next we have my oldest daughter, Shannon's wedding party. Shannon married Jason Haynes on May 13, 2006. It was a beautiful wedding. The dresses were champagne colored and the girls carried spring mix flowers, mostly pink and green hydrangeas and peonies. Check out her blog, , to see her lovely wedding dress pictures.

Last, but not least, I couldn't resist sharing this picture of her wedding party in funny noses. Why, you may ask....Why not...

I hope you enjoyed my wedding pictures from long and not so long ago. I will share more wedding plans along the way for daughter #2, Shawn, and her fiancee, Darris. She has bought a gorgeous dress, but I cant show it to you. Shh...its a secret. Until next time, may you eat, drink, and be married.


Jean Tatum said...

I enjoyed the trip down memory lane.

Anonymous said...

Enjoyed all the wedding photos. Boy, was I thin/skinny in Jean and James picture. What a lovely picture of Ida and Vic.

Shannon said...

Mom, You are too cute! I loved all the pics.

Allyson said...

Hi Sheila - I found your link from Kelly's blog. I saw the "memphis" part and had to click over. I live there too!

AND, I am expecting a baby in Nov. (#4) and I have a Jackson. AND my other son, Hudson wants a pirate party when he turns 5 in November. So I was admiring your daughters party decor. I love the topping for the cupcake! Super cute.

Anyway, I just had to stop over and say "hi."


Jody said...

Thanks for sharing your family wedding pictures. I am fortunate to have been at the last three. Oh, memories.You have a wonderful family, and i am thankful to be part of it.

Unknown said...

I so loved looking at your family wedding photos. What a blessing.
I love your dress. Everyone looks so gorgeous.
Thank you for sharing your beautiful day!