Saturday, January 30, 2010

Power Failure

We have a little ice storm here. We woke up about 2:00A.M. to a power outage. I was worried about Mother and Daddy getting too cold, so I got out quilts and covered everyone up. We were warm enough until we got up about 6:30. Joey hooked up the generator, so we could have heat and water. Even the cable was out, and no newspaper was delivered today.

Lucy stayed warm in front of the fireplace. I lit candles...
I prepared buckets and pitchers of water last night , in anticipation of losing power. When we moved to the country, I had no idea that you couldn't flush toilets, if you have well water, and the power goes out . Who knew? I didn't want to be caught in that predicament again.

This is my attempt at a snowman in a bowl. Too cold for me to play outside.

It's been less than freezing all day, and it is going to be in the teens tonight.

Shawn's car is covered in snow and ice. She went to help her fiancee move into his apartment. What a day to move.

It is pretty, though, don't you think? A winter wonderland.

our front yard...

Back yard...

Little man's swingset, also covered in snow.

My rosemary , covered in ice.

This is what I'm so thankful for today...the generator.

Well, power and cable just came on, after being out for 12 hours. I was beginning to have blog withdrawls. Just kidding. We threw some food out for the birds, and got out the binoculars to watch them eat. They seemed very glad to get some seeds. That was the highlight of the day. We got out a game, Aggravation, and played a round. To say we were bored is an understatement. Yes, we are spoiled to TV, internet, water, and heat.
I shouldn't have been whining, though, because we are so blessed, and compared
to those poor folks in Haiti, this is NOTHING. Just a very minor inconvenience. Well, everyone stay warm and dry. I'm ready for Spring, now. A little less white and more green would be nice.


racheld said...


I'm glad your outage was of such short duration---twice when I lived there, we had lines down and trees fallen due to ice storms, and those took DAYS to get right.

I'm glad you're "weathering" it well, and staying warm---that cozy fire and your puppy certainly make it look inviting.

Best from the 14 degree Heartland!


Glenda/MidSouth said...

So far, I have not lost power, so feel very fortunate. The trees are pretty with the ice on them, but I was not about to go out and take pictures. :) The only time I have ventured out today, is when I took a pan of chicken stock out on the patio so it would cool down faster. Hey! It worked. :-D
Stay warm.

Shannon said...

When we were playing this morning we had to go to the backyard cause all our trees were popping and making awful sounding noises. I didn't want one to fall on Jax.

So glad your power is back on. If it goes off again, pack everyone up and come over here. Ha!

susan said...

Sheila-I am so glad you had a generator backup especially for your parents. I have lost a couple of large limbs and maybe a small tree, but so far no power outage. Stay warm and take care!

Whimsy Cookie Co. said...

Hi Sheila! We are in Arlington and have ice and snow, no outage, but I do agree...It is just beautiful..but one day is enough for me!! Come on Spring!!

Deb said...

great lucky to have a generator...

Laura Matthews said...

So glad you have power now! Beautiful pics!!!

The Stylish House said...

Hi Sheila,
It is Feburary already, and we are expecting 10" of snow this afternoon. I will be happy to see the tulips in a few months.
I stopped by for a visit, and to thank you for entering my Blogiversary PB Giveaway. Good Luck!!