Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Tool Time Birthday Party

It's tool time! This is what I've been up to lately--making memories. Jackson turned 3 and we had his birthday party at our house. He loves tools so much that
Shannon wanted to have a tool party. It is hard to find decorations for tools that aren't construction, Handy Manny, or race cars. So, we just made our own. Here are her cute invitations. She printed them on her computer herself.

She made a birthday banner using her Cricut machine. I pulled out a couple of Joey's

collectible cars for the mantel.

Shannon made a sign for the door. We decided to make the house into a "repair shop".

I had an extra water hose , and I hot glued some tool cut-outs from Hobby Lobby on it for our wreath. I try to always have a wreath on my front doors.

Come on in and join our fun.

A work apron, some tools,goggles, and a shop rag on the door.
The kitchen was our "break room".

I blew an air horn and yelled out.."break time", when it was time for refreshments.

That got everyone's attention.

Shannon found the Whimsy Cookie Company, and bought the cutest tool cookies for party favors. They were yummy, and oh, so cute. Check out her cookie designs here:

We put them in a tool box to pass out to the kids. You almost can't tell the cookies from the toy tools on the table.

We, of course, played on the tool theme for our food. I bought some oil pans from Autozone to serve snacks. We had "nuts and bolts" (Chex party mix)...
"spare tires" (mini Oreo cookies)...
"grease monkey munch" (also called puppy chow or monkey munch made with Chex cereal and peanut butter and chocolate covered with powdered sugar)...so good...

The drinks were served from the "filling station"...unleaded, diesel,

high octane...you get the idea...

We made a project area, or "workshop" for the kids. Hobby Lobby had some Vacation Bible School projects that we found for the kids to paint and decorate. They were pickup trucks and tow trucks.

We made the cake to resemble a tool box.

I bought a drip pan from Autozone to place the cake on, and we placed tools around it. I hung a drop cord light and some balloons from the chandeliers.

Shannon made some cute cupcake toppers...

Here is Jackson, our little repair man. I found a shirt at Goodwill, and took it to a local monogram shop to put his name on the chest. I love how it turned out.

Hudson had to get in on the act with a hammer on his shirt. We just ironed it on.

Shannon made her shirt. She is the "shop manager". Here is her family...
The birthday boy loved his cake.

Here he is blowing out his candles.

She used a toy saw to cut the cake...

I love my little mechanic.

We are crazy about these boys.
Jackson enjoyed opening presents...

He had some help from his cousins who admired his new race car...

The kids went outside to play.That swingset got a real workout that day.

Happy Birthday!

Would you look at those dirty feet..

We all had a great time.

I know there were a lot of pictures, but sometimes that's the only way to tell the whole story.

Thank you for letting me share our party. Now I guess we have to start planning Hudson's first birthday party in November. It never ends.


Glenda/MidSouth said...

Happy Birthday Jackson! Looks and sounds like everyone had a great time. So many cute ideas for a little boy's party. Thanks for sharing his special day with us.

racheld said...


This is just the cutest and cleverest party I've seen in a LONG time!!!

It just went on and on, with one neat idea after the other, and since I've just come from meeting our newest GrandSon, it really touched home with all the wonderful new things we'll be doing and seeing with this whole new person in our family.

I've linked it today on Lawn Tea---it's just TOO GOOD not to share!!


Whimsy Cookie Co. said...

Hi Sheila!! What an adorable party!! Just precious and the details are wonderful. I know your grandson had a great time. Oh, Love your house by the way..your entryway is just beautiful!
I missed seeing Shannon, but really enjoyed meeing you!

Kimmy said...

How adorable!! I love the theme and all the cute little touches you guys added! How fun!

Cindy Adkins said...

Oh my goodness--this is the cutest party I've ever seen!!! How precious And how blessed you all are to have enjoyed it so much...thank you for sharing your joy!!! It is so inspiring!
P.S. I just became a follower on here and am so thankful that you came to I Owe it All to Him..
I hope we'll see you Friday with your Bible verse since it's already on your blog!

JEANNE said...

Just adorable in EVERY way. Thank you for sharing a terrific celebration for a wonderful birthday party.Good job!!!

Hugs, Jeanne

peggy aplSEEDS said...

what a wonderful party theme and wow, all the details, down to the name on his shirt! i love it!

James in VA said...

Our soon to be 3 year old is tool crazy too. We are planning a tool party for him. Thanks for the great ideas.