Sunday, October 17, 2010

Family Fall Fun

Yesterday, my family decided to go on a picnic at a local farm. I threw together some apple muffins and Rice Krispy treats, some drinks, chips, hotdogs and buns. I even got out some thermoses to put boiling water in for hot chocolate and cider, but the day was so hot we were not interested. We also thought it would be a good opportunity to take some pictures of the boys. Well, we got some good pictures, but most of them were only good of one boy or the other. Why is it so hard to get two kids to look at you at the same time?

There was an old wagon we put them in...

and an antique buggy...

Hudson enjoyed the table full of pumpkins.
The boys played in a vat of feed corn.

There were swings...

things to climb on...

a bonfire...we cooked hot dogs

Even Mother and Daddy got to come. They don't get to go much, so I know it did them good, even though I am sure they are very tired.

Marshmellows are good, and messy.

Then we went on a hayride to a pumpkin patch where we got to choose our own pumpkin

Here is Shannon's family.

and the Newlyweds, Shawn and Darris

Jackson had to hunt for just the right pumpkin.

Shannon and Hudson guarded their pumpkins.

Even Joey and I found ours.

Here are all my kids.

and 2 little barefooted boys in the hay...

We had such a beautiful, although a bit hot, day. Sometimes the best memories are made when you just up and go do something without too much planning.
Happy Fall, y'all.


racheld said...

OH, Sheila!

What a splendiferous day, with all your Lovies all together!

I loved seeing the little fellows enjoying everything, and your whole family is just beaming. Are the boys wearing NEW BALANCE?? I've never seen any so small.

And that barefoot picture is sheer charm---I want to frame it, and they're not even mine!!


Glenda/MidSouth said...

Looks and sounds like your family had a great time. You did get some great pictures. Thanks for sharing your day with us.
Have a great week.

Nanette said...

Hi Sheila,
You did get some really cute pictures of the boys. Looks like you had a wonderful relaxing family time. Very fun!