Wednesday, December 15, 2010

My Christmas Table

I am sharing my Christmas tablescape today. This was the table set last week for my extended family dinner. Sadly due to our wreck, we did not get together that day. We will try again after Christmas. Anyway, I really liked the way the table turned out, so I will use if for our Christmas Eve dinner.

My idea was to use what I already had this year, so I scavenged the attic, the buffet, the pantry, and, yes, the backyard.

I used a basic green tablecloth as the base.

I made the centepiece from those branches you have seen many times. These are like the ones we used at Shawn's wedding. I hung some old chandelier crystals with some vintage gold ornaments that I had purchased from an estate sale.
I retrieved the silver vase from my attic.

I nestled a pine cone, some greenery, a little white ceramic bird, and some more crystals atop some moss in the vase.The soup tureen is from the Goodwill. The hurricanes were also used at the wedding. I filled them with rock salt and placed a candle inside. I snipped some greens from the yard to tuck into the "snow", er I mean salt. The white plates are just plain buffet plates dressed up with pretty soup bowls from Goodwill.

The wicker chargers came from Wal Mart a few years ago.

Doesn't the caramel cake look good on the milkglass cake stand?

The little ceramic birds clipped to each charger were also a Goodwill find...I was lucky to find a whole box full of them.

I had to take some pictures, so I can recreate this for Christmas Eve.

I don't follow the "rules" when it comes to table setting. Who makes those rules anyway? I just use what I have, and what I like.
I am joining in this week's Tablescape Thursday. Hop on over there and feast your eyes on some beautiful tables.
Thanks for looking at mine.


Lindy said...

I love your centerpiece! Just my style! I'm following!

Alycia Nichols said...

You did a wonderful job with the things you already had! I commend you for sticking to it! Interesting what determination and imagination yields! :-) Great table!

Anonymous said...

Very pretty Christmas table, Sheila.

Marlis said...

Your table is very lovely. I love the branches and ornaments. How very cool. Merry Christmas.

Glenda/MidSouth said...

Your table is beautiful! I have had to delay celebrations many times due to work schedules, road conditions, extended family events, etc. - I just go with the flow.
I also question - Who makes those rules anyway ?? :-D
Hope everyone is doing much better!
Hope to get a lot accomplished tomorrow as the temps are suppose to be a little warmer.
Take care!

Decor To Adore said...

Your entire tabletop makes me feel very merry and bright!

Seasons greetings to you.

racheld said...

Sheila, this is absolutely charming!!! All the silver and white, and the rock salt snow, and a CARAMEL CAKE!!! I don't suppose you'd part with your recipe? My MIL was famous for hers, and I remember my sneak SIL grabbing the recipe out of the drawer while we were washing dishes at the wake.

And you're going to "recreate" it? That gives me hope---I have visions of all of you so-talented people, making these beautiful scenes, just enjoying and walking by and seeing the work of your hands, pristine and beautiful, all the days til Christmas.

Mine, however, immediately suffer the fate of life in such a busy household---something added (a little shoe, a flashlight, a stuffed bunny) or subtracted (any and all things which Sweetpea might claim as her own and put into her toytub or tiny dishwasher).

Just lovely, and I wish you all a holiday as beautiful and bright.

Tricia said...

What a stunning centerpiece! You make it look so easy, but your creativity really shines through. The placesettings are also pretty -- it's amazing how adding those lovely bowls to plain white plates adds so much to the table. Merry Christmas!

Mid-Atlantic Martha said...

How pretty -- I'm sorry that you didn't get to share this lovely table with your guests, but we've been delighted with all it's charm. Love the little birds clipped to the chargers. This is all quite charming.

Marigene said...

Beautiful table, the trimmed branches, so simple but so pretty. Your soup dishes are gorgeous.

Entertaining Women said...

Sheila, I am sad about your car wreck. It's always a jolt to realize that our lives can turn 180º in a matter of seconds. I pray that everyone is okay. Your tablescape is lovely, and I hope that gorgeous silver vase manages to stay out of the attic this time. I think that it deserves a place someplace downstairs. The crystals are a neat idea! Thank you for sharing your charming design. Cherry Kay