Saturday, December 18, 2010

Rudolph Cake Balls

I made cake balls today. Rudolph cake balls, in fact.

You bake a chocolate cake and break it up and mix in a container of chocolate (or any flavor you desire)icing into it. Dip out spoonfuls and with damp hands, roll them into balls. Refrigerate for about an hour.
Then dip them in melted chocolate wafers and place a red M&M for the nose.

Some white icing and a black dot of gel icing for eyes.

Break up some pretzels for the antlers. They do take on their own personalities. One looked like a bunny rabbit, and one reminds me of Mrs. Potatohead with her "angry eyes" on. But, in all, I think they turned out kinda cute.


Glenda/MidSouth said...

You have a lot more patience and creativity than I do !!! :-D
Did you get the dusting of snow this morning? Looked like someone sifted powder sugar on everything. :D
Hope you are enjoying the holiday season!

racheld said...

Just charming, Sheila, and I know all your little ones will just love these!!

It's such a treat to take the time to create something so whimsical and sweet, just for the enjoyment of it, and for the smiles and memories it will bring to your Lovies.

Happiest of holidays to you all!!


susan said...

Sheila-I think it's too late for this year but I will definitely be making these next year! I have been in love with cake balls since our Viking class. These are adorable! Thanks for your good wishes--2011 will be a busy and happy one!

Kimmy said...

Oh my gosh those are SO adorable!!!